NORTH PAKISTAN VLOG // Unbelievable nature + lunch with locals in 4K!!

Welcome again!

On this video I’ll take you alongside my day, the place I took a automobile in Northern Pakistan and drove round with a neighborhood to seek out probably the most stunning untouched nature spots!

For lunch I then went into the home of a neighborhood household and bought to attempt all of the scrumptious conventional meals they make.

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  1. Thanks a lot for making a vlog on my lovely homeland. Pakistan is one of the diversily beautiful country in the world having highest peaks, highest mountain ranges, biggest rivers, deserts, biggest canal system, lush green agricultural land, beeches, islands, geological miracles like mud volcano highest cold desert highest planes and salt mines, rich culture of music food clothing, rich history with ancient civilizations of 2500 b.c. thousands of historical places, having 50C & -50C temperature at the same time and much much more. Above all the most hospitable people.
    Most welcome to Pakistan. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

  2. Disappointing that you don't provide any info of the places, the names of the valleys, etc. Just saying northern Pakistan, 1st location, 2nd location – it is annoying and doesn't do justice to such a beautiful place. Have to search for the details in the comments. Please try to add details.