#Received_Email @Tourist I want to congratulate you for make swat region not only safe for t

#Received_Email @Tourist
I want to congratulate you for make swat region not only safe for the locals but also to the rest of Pakistani visitor. I further appreciate you that your subordinates are very happy under your kind control and they speak very high about you.
I want to point out one special incident that happened when we (two families in two cars) were coming down from kalam. On our way back one cars oil chamber broke due to some sharp stone and engine oil started leaking out . We were unaware about the fact. A VIP convoy’s police protocol stopped us and pointed out the oil leakage and move away .We stopped at that point. We were afraid because of the loneliness. No one was near to help us in this problem. Auto Mechanic was the solution but no workshop was near. Whole family was in distress. After 15 min we got surprised when we see the same Police Van comeback after completing their protocol duty and stopped near us and all the police men came near to us and gave us courage and confidence that this is not an issue we will help you out don’t worry they started calling some Mechanic and they stand their till the mechanic came.
The Police team head was Mr. Umer he was a truly a great picture of KPK Police. He was polite and very positive about the region and about his senior. Whatever we heard about the Police of KPK we observed the same.
Love you KPK Police and especially Mr Umer and his team.
Muhammad Wasem Riaz
Aitchison College Lahore

Written by Swat Valley

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