Crackdown against stray dogs in district Swat.

Crackdown against stray dogs in district Swat.

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  1. Marg khodai pa.las ki d insan os dumra sho che da yio zanawar Nasal khtmai…..afsos bijan shez dai…….

  2. Look at the top most pic..seems like a trphy winning pic! Killing helpless n voiceless by merciless devils in human disguise! Sharam hi nhi sessions krway hai😡😡koi dukh koi malal nhi..😠😠 koi karnama nhi anjaam diya na hi koi shandar kaam kiya hai…dam torrti insaniyat aur shaitani darindagi ka mou bolta sabout hai yeh tasweeray😞😞

  3. Just like you people are adding poison in their food you need to get good vets hire them pay them and get these dogs treated because they have equal rights to live. And these dogs don’t look aggressive from anywhere because you are very close to them and they ain’t biting you people na hi they are getting aggressive they are relaxed killing ain’t the solution. The money you spent on buying things to kill them you could get them treated by good vets. But you think humans only have the right to live.

  4. i hate 1000 time those people who kills beats dog i love animals more then today humanity and today’s peoples

  5. Yeh jin jin hazraat ny thumbs up, flowers, well done, good job, grt job aur buht saray tareefi kalmat sai #DeputyCommissionerSawat ko aur unki team ko nawaza hai kash un logo ny Facebook pr comments krnay sai pehlay Quran aur Ahadees ka bhi is mamlay mai mutaala krlia hota..Afsoos hai is qoum pr jhalat k urooj pr hai…ounchi ounchi kursiyou pr zulm aur barbariyat apnay nashay mai chour …bebas awaam aur ALLAH ki masoom aur lachar makhlooq pr qahar dhaa rhi hai!

  6. Good step for making Swat clean but don’t kill them, carry them to unknown destination with their head covered.

  7. Commissioner sahib, please don’t kill innocent animals by poison, this is inhuman and you will invoke Allah’s wrath upon you and the entire district, if you have no place to keep stray dogs or set them free in the forest you have no right to kill them

  8. In another narration, the Prophet said:

    غُفِرَ لِامْرَأَةٍ مُومِسَةٍ مَرَّتْ بِكَلْبٍ عَلَى رَأْسِ رَكِيٍّ يَلْهَثُ قَالَ كَادَ يَقْتُلُهُ الْعَطَشُ فَنَزَعَتْ خُفَّهَا فَأَوْثَقَتْهُ بِخِمَارِهَا فَنَزَعَتْ لَهُ مِنْ الْمَاءِ فَغُفِرَ لَهَا بِذَلِكَ

    Allah had once forgiven a prostitute. She passed by a dog panting near a well. Seeing that thirst had nearly killed him, she took off her shoe, tied it to her scarf, and drew up some water. Allah forgave her for that.

    Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 3143,

  9. Every thing has its own benefits when u disturb nature surely it will disturb you sometime after. Dogs are the part of an ecosystem so don’t kill them but take them to a safe place. Who is responsible for it how will u answer Allah .

  10. Sa paky nisho wayaly khu zama pa kheyal Charta Allah Tala rana Khafa na shi aw pa sa Azab ki Mubtala nasho

  11. This campaign should be extended to Kanju township Swat, along with strick actions of prohibition of hunting down birds in the vicinity of township from both outsiders and town residents as the hunting activities poses threat to residents of the town who walks on the tracks.

  12. سراسر ظلم ہیں اسے بھی جینے کا حق ہیں اللہ کا فرمان ہے تم زمین والوں پر رحم کرو آسمان والے آپ پر رحم کرئینگے

  13. Disgusted by this inhumane and uneducated behaviour from government officials who are supposed to be civil

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