A meeting held today on 30.10.2018 at DC Conference Hall under the chairmanship of the DC Swat Saqib

A meeting held today on 30.10.2018 at DC Conference Hall under the chairmanship of the DC Swat Saqib Raza Aslam regarding identification of State Land as per the directions received from the Board of Revenue, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar. All the Assistant Commissioners and concerned Tehsildars attended the meeting.
• The Chair directed all the Assistant Commissioners being the custodians of the state land at tehsil levels, to make a comprehensive report with bifurcation on the state land/Government Land lying in their tehsils. He further stated that All ACs, and revenue officers should have the knowledge/ know-how on their fingertips regarding state land in their respective jurisdictions.
• ADC Swat to arrange a combine visit along with AC Babuzai and revenue field staff to the area/ state land mentioned by the AC Babuzai i.e Village Dangram.
• All ACs were directed to inspect all the leased cases of the state land if any and to verify it from the BOR.
• All ACs to start a vigorous anti-encroachment campaign against encroached state land if any, and to take up the issue of the Govt land with the line Deptts.
• All ACs to provide a Certificate to the effect that no encroachment in any state land is exist in their areas of jurisdiction, whereas ACs need to take Same Certificates from the Line Deptts exists in their areas of jurisdiction. All ACs need to reports all such cases to the DC Office.
• The chair observed grieve concern over the zero reporting in Patwarkhana visits by the ACs in the last month. Strict directions issued to all ACs for caring out Patwarkhana visits from today onward and reflect the same in the monthly DPMF Report.
• Directions to schedule a DPMF Training/meeting Session for all the ACs.
• All ACs to work out where exactly Kuli Kachehri need to be arranged in their respective tehsils. And the same should be reported to the DC office, so that DC office may resume Kuli Kachehri from the month of November.

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