Khazana Ghat, Jehanabad Manglawar Swat

Khazana Ghat, Jehanabad Manglawar Swat

Line 1: anityāvava (sic! for vata) samskārāutpādavyaya
Line 2: dharminahutpadyahinirud (dh)yantetepā (read tesām)
Line 3: vyupasamassukham
Translation: “the Samskaras are truly subject to originating and decay. For, after originated the disappear. Calming them is happiness”
This is the famous verse spoken according the Maha-Parinibbana-Sutta, vi. 16, by Indra at the time of Sakyanuni’s death, or proclaimed by Buddha himself according to the Maha-Sudassana-Jataka
The Jahanabad inscriptions of Gupta Brahmi characters rendering a Dhammapada, verses reveal and testify the fact that Jahanabad was once an active center of Buddhism. On the basis of Palaeographical characters Hinüber roughly suggests a 6th century CE for these inscriptions (personal communication).

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