Calligraphy and art are powerful tool to reflect culture,norm, heritage and beauty of a society.A ma

Calligraphy and art are powerful tool to reflect culture,norm, heritage and beauty of a society.A marvelous plan of Rang de Swat has been started in District Swat.According to this program,walls of all bazaars and prominent areas in District Swat will be converted into beautiful paintings and calligraphy.Expert artists are canvassing their ideas and thoughts.The aim is to make Swat allurable as well as recall our values and customs.

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  1. good work but as u said its to reflect our cultural values and norms… so far it doesnt seems like this.
    kindly rely on those paintings which really potrays Pakhtoon traditions and Cultural norms specially that of Swat

  2. Art reflects the culture, civilization and history of a people. The paintings on the walls of the GCMHSS WADUIA shows this as well. They are really pleasing to the eyes and has added beauty to the area. This will show to the tourists that the people of Swat are not terrorists but peace and art loving people. I believe that every positive step should be appreciated and this step regarding representing our history and culture in paintings is really praiseworthy.

  3. I think Wasting money on Putting colors on walls with filthy grounds does not make a ground for Beautification. I think DC swat must focus on Cleaning and waste management of Swat, having done this the natural beauty is sufficient to sooth eyes with Extravagant landscapes..

  4. Worth appreciable initiative has been taken out. This will definitely enhance in the beauty of our swat.please do calligraphy of particularly pashtun culture heritage.our Hujra culter(rabab mangy, athan ) must be taken into considerations

  5. Good step towards beatification of swat Valley.but there must have arts of culture traditions & islamic values awarness. because art is the creation of beautiful expression and meaning full. Dear u must have to take help of expert & famous artist of swat like Umer Rashed Ustaz,F.Rabi Ustaz, Sajid, Zafar, Hussain,and Amjad.they will joinly give clarity, drive and hapinesss to all aspects of SWAT life…………thnx

  6. Good step taken to beautify swat again.but also to protect the natural beauty of swat it iz more neccessary bcz natural beauty iz demage day by day

  7. Dyr kha qadam day kho bayed che da pukhtano da kaltoor, saqafat aw atalano akasi pake washi no la ba khaista aw gatawar shi.

  8. paani peny ke baghair insan marta hain naqsha dikh ke zinda nahi hota pehly jo awaam ke bunyaady saholiat hain use pora karo pher ye sub karo

  9. Very nice work and a good step for beautification of Swat… But to hold back the Beauty Cream sellers and Aamil Hazraat people from destroying these walls would be much necessary….

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