Trekking Swat Valley (TSV) congrats Muhammad Rahim [Madyan, Swat] and his fell…

Trekking Swat Valley (TSV) congrats Muhammad Rahim [Madyan, Swat] and his fellow trekkers (Syed Ali Shah Mian & Farman Khan). As per their claims, they have successfully scaled Mount: Mankial /Koshogian/Leekchilesh [18,541 feet asl.]. IT IS THE FIRST EVER SUCCESSFUL SUMMIT OF THE PEAK BY A PAKISTANI, AND THE LOCALS HAVE ONCE AGAIN DONE IT LIKE TWO YEARS AGO WITH CLIMBING THALO ZOM. The team deserves applause on behalf of the Pakistani trekkers community as well as the local media. Moreover, the goal is achieved with out the mountaineering gears❗

Alhamdulillah summited Mankyal peak,the most dangerous and complicated peak in swat ,this is a great achievement for us, no one summit this peak till now Climbers name, Syed Ali Shah Mian ,Farman khan
Muhammad rahim
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