ڈاڈر گاؤں، سرن ویلی، ضلع مانسہرہ۔۔Scenic Dadar Village of Siren Valley .Da

ڈاڈر گاؤں، سرن ویلی، ضلع مانسہرہ۔۔🌲🌿

Scenic Dadar Village of Siren Valley .
🔸Dadar, best known for TB sanatorium, which was established by British Army in 1936. The depth of scenery, mesmerising beauty of the place and fresh air makes it a “heaven on earth”.

🔸️ #Dadar is located some 30 km to the north of Mansehra. Starting from #Mansehra following the #Karakoram highway you reach #Shinkiari (20 km, 20 – 25 min). From Shinkiari, you take the route to Dadar and start traveling along #Siren Valley. It is some 10 km from Shinkiari to Dadar and takes about 20 min. So the total journey from Mansehra to Dadar is 45 to 50 minutes.

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