Looking for a Fun Eid Getaway and Amazing Discounts?

Looking for a Fun Eid Getaway and Amazing Discounts?
#IslamabadSerena #EidRetreat #FamilyFun #EidUlAzha2020

Per Room Rate:
• TEN NIGHTS: RS. 120,000 + tax
• EIGHT NIGHTS: RS. 112,000 + tax
• SIX NIGHTS: RS. 96,000 + tax
• FOUR NIGHTS: RS. 68,000 + tax

• Breakfast
• Spouse stay with 2 children under 10
• 30 minutes massage or manicure or pedicure f
• Mehndi & Bangles
• Morning Walk/Aerobic/Yoga
• Happy Hour – Music during evening with light snacks
• 2 pieces of laundry/dry cleaning
• 25% discounts on all hotel services

1. Validity period: from Friday July 24, 2020 till Sunday August 06, 2020
2. This special offer is not valid or cannot be combined with any other offers or incentives.
3. This package is for families only

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    Imtiaz Khan’s!

    د ریاست سوات د کپتان محمد نذیر خان د لسم جمات سرټیفیکیټ د ودودیه سکول چه د ریاس