[Dr. Abdul Samad is youngest PhD in the field of Archaeology in Pakistan in the

[Dr. Abdul Samad is youngest PhD in the field of Archaeology in Pakistan in the age of 28 from Germany, and Fullbright post doctoral from USA. Currently serving as Director Archaeology and Museums, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa]

Born in Kohat in the year of 1981, Dr. Abdul Samad was educated at Kohat before leaving for University of Peshawar for MA in Archaeology, where he got distinction by securing first class first position (Gold Medal) in the subject. He got DAAD (German Scholarship) for his PhD studies in the Institute of South Asian Languages and Cultures, Freie University of Berlin, Germany in 2007. Dr. Abdul Samad completed his PhD studies with distinction and became the youngest PhD in the field of Archaeology in Pakistan in the age of 28.

He is trained as a professional Archaeologist who studied Sanskrit language in Freie University Berlin and a certificate course in World Heritage Studies from Cottbus University Germany and has worked for ten years in the area of promoting the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. He recently won Fulbright fellowship for his post-doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin, USA.

Dr. Abdul Samad taught almost ten years alongside his research projects at the Department of Archaeology, School of Cultural Heritage and Creative Technologies, Hazara University Mansehra. He has already supervised and produced 5 M.Phil research scholars. He remain Head of the Department for Archaeology and at the same time Head of Art and Design studies at Hazara University. He, for the first time introduced Heritage Management as a subject in University in Pakistan at Hazara University Mansehra in 2012. He delivered lectures on different issues of Archeology in Pakistan, Germany, Italy, UK, USA, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Oman. In 2009 he was invited by the German Parliament to deliver a lecture on “Gandhara, the melting pot of different cultures”. Beside this, he has been frequently invited by the foreign leading Universities for guest lecture programs.

He published several research papers related to the ancient history of the region. His most important research work is “Emergence of Hinduism in Gandhara”, a book published by the Freie University of Berlin, Germany. His other landmark finding is the tracing of Hindu religion origin, highlighting “Kalash culture is an indigenous one and they are not descendants of Alexander the Great”, and Introducing new Archaeological Survey techniques in Pakistan such as Transect Archaeological Survey, New techniques of Archaeological excavations for Buddhist site, Discoveries of more than 200 new archaeological sites in Chitral valley.

He worked as a Project Director for more than 20 National and International Projects, results of these projects highlighted the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan at International levels.
Keeping his experience and knowledge in the field of Archaeology, the Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa posted him as Director, Archaeology and Museums in 2014 and he became the youngest ever Director of the Provincial Archaeology Department. He still serves in the same capacity.




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