Swat Motorway Tunnel 2,Three and Bridges Development Replace

Development Replace of Tunnel 3,4, culvert Packing containers earlier than Tunnel 3,Four and Bridges after Tunnel Three and Tunnel Four on Swat Motorway.


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Swat motorway has been completed back in May 2019 partially. It is considered to be a big breakthrough in tourism and trade industry of Pakistan and the development of war torn areas of Malakand Division.

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  1. start awareness about motorway extension from mingora to Besham or new express way for this small section of CPEC then this route will connected M1 to Islamabad and Peshawar easy access

  2. May Allah destroy the life of jehangir tareen and khusra bakhtiar, nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Musharraf and chaudry brothers along with all corrupt and storage mafia Ameen. May Allah destroy their families in their life time and send them all to a worst place in jahannum ameen.
    Request to all Pakistanis please don't swear, these are our biggest and dangerous enemies, so we all need to do lots of bad dua for them especially in every salat so that Allah pak eliminate them all quickly along with their families and give us relief jazakallah khair

  3. Brother ye swat motor way nahe h ye malakand motor way h. Q ke ye distt ka road nahe h devison ka motor way h.

  4. Kindly make it strong Calvert yesterday i have travelled from Chakdara more then 4 Calvert was damaged
    Whats this
    Even on this motorway was open just for ltv traffic
    Iff the htv start then i think everything well be broken🙄

  5. Thank you for posting a great video. People need to learn from you how to make great videos. Please continue to update us. So it seems these tunnels are very close to the long tunnels(Tunnel 1 & 2?) and the connector for one side is almost complete. Can you share us the status of the other two tunnels? thank you!

  6. Sir we have loadeer ans excavator if u need contact us on WhatsApp 923496507726 location swat madyan

  7. Salam … Malgari asii kho sta tiarri video deri khohai yai .. sa khas zan na karri kho dasi rata khkarii chi da video dii khpla da .. until and unless something comes up .. you know what i mean .. Well Done

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