Methods To Attain Fairy Meadows Pakistan.


Drone footage by: Hamza Yazdani
Journey Firm : Pakistan Backpackers

Music by: Meisam zainli
Information background sound: Roshni by Tamaasha

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Written by Swat Valley

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  1. Overall a good video but I want to add some suggestions/corrections. At the landscape of Babusar Pass and surroundings (batakundi and Jhalkhad) you should have told the audience about it but you used word Naraan. Secondly, Correct your info about transits. For everyone's info Naran and Chillas both can be used for transits as most of the people use Naran for transit while entering into Gilgit- Baltistan because Chillas is hot in summers and road is in bad condition. But when Babusar is closed due to snow people use Chillas (kohistan region) route for entering into GB. Muzaffarabad is not a transit for Swat both are in opposite directions. Swat is a 6-7 hours drive (max) from Isb. Yes if travelling to Neelum valley you can stay at Muzaffarabad.

  2. Great great👍 brother nice one ,infact in July 2019, I reached at raikot bridge to go & see gorgeous fairy meadow, we came frm khunjrab pass ,l had my family, my two son and my wife ,but unfortunately we reached at around 5 30 PM.
    We were too late to go uphill task,so we cancelled and then we back to mingora.
    Next we will go inshaAllah.