Colourful individuals of Pakistan | Kalash Valley VLOG #45

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It is all the time superb to fulfill different individuals and cultures, however this time.. it was totally different. I actually obtained the possibility to look inside an outdated tribe which is positioned within the northeastern a part of Pakistan: The Kalash individuals. I’ve solely seen villages and tribes like these in fancy documentaries on TV however now it was actual life. I used to be standing proper in the midst of a home of a Kalash girl. Essentially the most colourful tribe I’ve ever encountered and I’m nonetheless speechless how fascinating this go to was. Once more, I discovered so much from their hospitality and their curiosity in direction of us. Pakistan has not solely lovely landscapes to supply, but in addition lovely and colourful individuals.

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I’ll make a film referred to as “Visa World”. It is about borders and variations. It’s a couple of journey to the opposite aspect of the world and what it takes to battle world challenges.

It’s a one (wo)man manufacturing as a result of I imagine that it doesn’t want a lot to inform an ideal story. I am doing all this to gather donations for the charity KAUGMAON on the Philippines. I do know their work and it is coming from their coronary heart to provide youngsters a greater life.

If you’re within the film you possibly can register for it on my web site (for a small donation which works to the NGO).

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  1. Ignorant narration. Their fair skin and blue eyes are not remarkable because this is the beginning of the centre of Asia not the Indian subcontinent as you European colonials falsely have projected! People are like this colour in border of Himalaya and Punjab too,u often find such people in Punjab. My mum and her family have this look but even better features Nothing to do with Alexander who came to the Punjab n

  2. you missed most important part..kalash people are descendants of Alexandar the Great and they are struggling because of Muslims marrying beautiful young Kalash girls since last 70 years..Rich Punjabis and Pathans have been buying these innocent poor and beautiful girls as young as 13 years old and either rape them or marry them and most of them are divorced after some years or murdered and most of them are happily married…reference a Pakistani research study.