Journalist ask questions Els the love trial

Tourism Only not Terrorism

save the earth 🌍 stop global warming only Tourism not a terrorism American and Thai kids are enjoying their Vacation and make fun Pakistan has become the new tourist attraction in the world. Gilgit-Baltistan especially Hunza Valley has become the most favourite tourist destination in the world.

Save the Earth Stop Global Warming Protect Environment save Nature Save nature video credit goes to madam ELs from Belgium. since the end of the last ice age, humans have developed tools and machines and have modified the land for agriculture and long-term settlement. As the population has grown and new technologies have spread across cultures and continents, more and more of the planet’s resources have been pressed into serving the species.

Journalist ask questions Els the love trial
Asia is the most important continent it’s bless with wildlife at giant.each nation presents distinctive panorama. Pakistan is taken into account to be dwelling of water is replenished with very helpful hint parts and meals has tantalizing yesterday. Furthermore, Pakistan has eye catching tradition.moreover,noerthern areas is epitome of mountains kingdom and its prestine water channels and abysmal lakes.swarm off vacationer go to northern areas to take a seat near Nature. A vacationer from Belgium meets Pakistani freelancer and trade useful expertise since they left their dwelling. Furthermore, vacationers are excited to delve into nature and share overwhelming feelings to see spectacular naturlandscape.
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Polio campaign in Swat.Salute to these frontline workers and Swat police.

Polio campaign in Swat.Salute to these frontline workers and Swat police.