KHEWRA SALT MINE | World's second largest salt mine in Pakistan

I visited Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. It is an unimaginable place, the biggest mine in Pakistan and the second largest salt mine on the planet.

Inside there is a salt mosque, a restoration salt hospital and a few lovely monuments!

Be a part of me on this Pakistan journey vlog and are available and discover Khewra.

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Visiting Khewra Salt mines | Himalayan Salt Mine in Pakistan

Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan are the 2nd largest salt mine in the world and the largest in Pakistan. It is famous for it’s underground monuments made entirely from Pink & Red Himalayan Rock Salt. Definitely a top thing do in Pakistan.


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  1. Wow!! What an optimistic soul you are Alex.. i really appropriate all the youtubers n travelers around the world who go n explore other not so known countries. So open n encouraging about culture, food and places. Its a big thing to like another culture’s food and tastes. And yeah i know because Pakistan does offer such as scrumptious flavours tht everyone simply falls in love with.. we are extremely friendly people specially for out guests. So glad you visited our gem on earth .. Been there to khwera salt mines thrice in my life. Lovely place to be at.. refreshing my memories through your vlog. Im so obliged Alex and lots of love for you.. stay blessed! ♥️♥️