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Janshahi Medows is three hours away from blue water and Blue water is aproximatly 5 Km away from Kalam Jungle its the place like Paradise on earth. Janshahibanda and Janshahi Medows

Kumrat video…
Spinkhwar Lake…
Bahadar Sar shangla…
Shangrilla Lake…
Deosai nationwide park…
Shangla Yakhtangay…
Shangla half 2…
Kalam Highway…
Desan Medows…
Data : Abrar Jehan
Music : Khumaryan the Band

Bela – Khumariyaan (Official Music Video)

Bela , Hope for Peace Bela, Hope for the Pushtoons Download available on Soundcloud Khumariyaan : Vimeo Link : Soundcloud: Reverbnation: Myspace: 37th Productions : #Bela #Khumariyaan بيله ـ د امن اوهيلې ساز روانې په لټون، دَ هيلې نوې تخمه يو بل سره همګام وې، شګې

and Sport of Therones

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#Janshahi Banda

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