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    Swat stunning forest KPK pakistan

    Thanks for watching and choosing our video we now have recorded video of swat totally different forest which look superior we recorded video on Miandam valley Dadh sar swat pakistan and Gabina Jabba , Mankyal Forest , Kalam forest , Jarogo forest , Karakar swat forest and so forth These areas are located in higher […] More

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    Tour to Swat Valley Pakistan 2017 |Urdu Network

    The names found in ancient sources for Swat are Udyana and Suvastu because of the scenic beauty of the valley and the name of the river respectively.The historical and cultural remains of the area provide evidence about human activities covering a large span of time. tourism swat valley More

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    Swat valley pakistan new video 2018

    Swat valley is one of the major tourist attractions of Pakistan. It is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan, it has one of the oldest civilizations history and one of the beautiful scenery one could ever see. Location: It lies between 34°-40′ to 35° N latitude and 72′ to 74°-6′ E longitude. It is located […] More