Is Pakistan a protected nation for vacationers? As per Spanish Vacationer. Don't miss!!.

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#Spanish vacationer ranks Pakistan primary vacationer spot in total asia, particularly Gilgit- Baltistan province within the north. Pakistan is a welcoming nation for overseas vacationers however sadly portrayed as a foul nation particularly in Europe and the US. We hope to see you quickly, thankyou!
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  1. We pakistani love u world with our unforgettable hospitality of our best culture love humainity…. from Pakistan

  2. Awam ko chaye k tourist ki izzat kary nei to murre jaisa haal hota hy foreigners ko goor goorh ke dekna aur unko k sth selfie lena unhy bilkul acha nei lagta plz respect them wo hamry muaziz mehmaan han mehmaan khuda ki rehmat hoti hy aur musafir b

  3. Thanx for visiting my country and you have too much knowledge of history and your observation is very deep ………hopefully you will come again in Pakistan because my country is a home of old civilizations and just come and explore the culture history and people

  4. This is a most important videos Chanel for Pakistan. This is our responsibility to make sure everyone share videos different social media Facebook what's up and other social media

  5. Francis brought me here… i love the view. I hope i can visit in the future. I'm glad it is a safe place to visit. Watching from the Philippines.

  6. Pakistan has its beautiful mountains and nice people i want to visit there someday, pare francis the vlogger from Philipines introduce your channel

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