LAHORE FORT | Exploring the attractive fort | Pakistan Vlog

Lovely Lahore Fort is an excellent place to go to in Lahore, Pakistan. It has a lot historical past and the structure is unbelievable.

On this Pakistan Journey Vlog I look across the fort and be taught concerning the historical past of the place together with the superb Palace of Mirrors.

As in a foreigner in Pakistan it was a very stunning place for me to go to.
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  1. One thing I have noticed in Pakistan. And it is good for girls around the world, if you are poor or unemployed, do not worry, you should visit pakistan and have a Pakistani husband,Now you are not a common girl but a Qeen And you will have everything you wanted in your life

  2. Akbar had many wives, the wife you meant was not a hindu by religion she was Mariam-uz-Zamani harka bai, offcourse her father & mother was hindu rajput but she was not a hindu after her marriage to a muslim….also she was buried as a muslim, there was a tomb at Agra , not cremated like hindu …

  3. India and Pakistan fighting each other in comments section – British Lady busy enjoying our common heritage after her ancestors partitioned our country 🙁 … History Repeats …….Repeats ………..Repeats ………..Repeats !! As an Indian from Lucknow – and having lived in Delhi, visited Agra twice – I want to see Lahore … but that is impossible due to the politics… but Britishers are roaming around … after stealing and looting our heritage … and dipping us forever in blood 🙁 it is totally sad !!