Meeting regarding establishment of Farmer’s Markets in the District.

Meeting regarding establishment of Farmer’s Markets in the District.

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  1. USAID and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) are acknowledged profusely for their financial support. We are particularly grateful to Dr. David Orden, Senior Research Fellow in the Markets, Trade and Institutions Division of IFPRI, for sharing experiences and providing technical support and suggestions throughout the study and for his comments on initial drafts of this paper. We sincerely thank Andrew Comstock, Senior Research Assistant, IFPRI for his technical input and support to this paper. We are also grateful to Prof. Dr. Mary Barkworth, Intermountain Herbarium, Department of Biology, Utah State University, USA for her helpful and constructive comments on this paper. This paper provides baseline analysis for the full study of production and marketing opportunities sponsored by USAID–IFPRI under the Pakistan Strategic Support Program, which is implemented in conjunction with the Planning Commission of Pakistan.