Is Pakistan protected for vacationers

On today whereas hitchhiking again to Lahore, the query is Pakistan protected for vacationers arises.

Disclaimer for 9.35: later in my travels in Pakistan I acquired wonderful dwelling welcoming, the place I used to be made to really feel utterly at dwelling, and was handled very nicely.

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  1. 10:05 let me clear your mind they give you a separate room bcz they dont want their women to see you neither you see their women uncoverd bcz its muslims beliefs plus thats what their religion says .your a stranger to them but the muslim women even cover theirselves in front of their relatives.don't need to question anybody's belief they are muslims and your not but yet they are letting you stay at their houses you better be thankful not doubtful.even if you were a muslim yet they would have given you a separate room and not let see any woman in the house.dude there is something in this world call PRIVACY know that.hope you have a safe journey .godbless huh!!!chooza kahi ka

  2. Hello brother
    You said Pakistani families invite you to their homes and then let you sleep in a separate room. I explain, it is our tradition to provide a separate room to the guest if possible to be in comfort. It is a part of our hospitality. Please don't mind it. People love you that is why they invite you.
    Israr Khan