First Day in PAKISTAN Journey Vlog | ROAD TRIP! 2019

Welcome to the very first Pakistan Journey vlog! We did this wonderful street journey in early 2019 with CPIC International.

This journey video exhibits you our first day in Pakistan, and the start of our journey from Islamabad to Skardu in Northern Pakistan. We begin out driving from Besham to Chillas, however proceed to, Fairy Meadows, Gilgit, Skardu, Hunza Valley, Nanga Parbat, and lots of different locations alongside the Karakoram freeway.

Pakistan tourism is on the rise. It is usually known as a harmful place to journey. Our function was to spend our time, as foreigners in Pakistan to disprove this, and present the fantastic thing about the folks and the panorama to the world.

Whereas usually I solo journey, I used to be excited to have so many buddies on the journey. Siya Zarabi from Hopscotch the Globe, Lexie Alford from Lexie Limitless, Ryan Riel from Reverse Travellers, Anushae Khan, Brooke Saward, and Alexandrina Cojocaru.

My spotlight of this episode was discovering the Deserted Mosque and enjoying tag with the youngsters. Additionally driving on prime of the van was a wild journey.

Coming quickly is the following episode of the collection! Fairy Meadows!

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  1. As Pakistani I want to say it to every Pakistani Plz don't repeat this rhetoric: "I am doing this and this to improve the global perception, and kind of begging everyone to accept that we are good"… saying it again and again is just so annoying.. perception is not made by talking..what people see and experience makes their perception..
    Pakistan is good,we are good,things will gradually improve just stop begging for the approval…

  2. The smile you put on those kids face with your urdu was so cute. Made me laugh like anything sitting here at Boston,Massachusetts

  3. Haha this is the most lovely video I have ever see. We warmly welcome you to Pakistan. You guys are amazing.i really enjoy the part where you were just running behind kids in mosque. Haha love it.
    Love from Pakistani

  4. امریکی جاسوس یہ پلیت لوگ ہیں ہمارے مدرسوں میں کیوں داخل ہوتے ہیں مدرسے کی انتظامیہ کے در ہے

  5. Have you seen kids with no English communication has talked a lot with you through their expression and it was truly great welcome. you can count on them one two three and they'll be there.

  6. Idek how to thankyou ! I’ll be out of words ! Massive thankyou for showing real Pakistan to your viewers and to world !

  7. I've been in Pakistan for 1 month. I'm just in love with Karachi Street food, the calm of Lahore city, beauty of gilgit baltistan and hunza mountains, white snow of shogran…. And how much Pakistani people are so kind and giving too much respect and importance to their families, wish I can visit it again. Love from Morocco 🇲🇦❤️❤️

  8. Currently in Pakistan😍😍and doing vlogs too in my small youtube channel❤❤Pakistan is really a beautiful country😍😍

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