Pakistani Road Meals – ISLAMABAD to BESHAM

That is the primary video of our Pakistan collection. Siya and a gaggle of influencers begin an epic highway journey to the mountains of the North with highlights and surprising bumps alongside the best way.

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  1. I have clicked the tab button to show my appreciation changing a false perception about my motherland with kind regards Asif Iqbal Peterborough uk

  2. hey guys i saw you were having sugar cane !! and did not like it due to sulfur type taste…. it due to black salt or (kala namak). well in our country we have it with black salt and without it…. I prefer without salt… so I recommend anyone trying it here to ask the person do not add salt ( kala namak) you would sure like it then….. Best if fresh raw sugar cane juice with little lemon…. yammmi. good luck.. and welcome guys. – From Karachi, Pakistan

  3. 8:47 that guy just wasted sugarcane juice by adding salt into this..It's way more tastier when there is nothing mixed in it and it's pure..You've gotta try that..P.S it's the national drink of Pakistan..

  4. Mostly indians and Americans do negative propaganda against Pakistan, and guess what, your videos burned them alot! 🔥 🇮🇳 🇺🇸 😂 🇵🇰 👌

  5. 4:55 the biggest mall in Islamabad , not in Pakistan , lucky one Karachi is the biggest mall in South Asia btw. Just sayin

  6. Pakistan is a beautiful country I request to all foreign people that they must be come and see the natural land, awesome food, beautiful culture, and most kind and loving people are their so dont miss that🇵🇰

  7. That sugarcane juice wasn't good because they don't have good sugarcane, it wasn't ripe. You should go to inner Punjab to get good one. That have yellow color instead of green.

  8. A tip for all the tourists travelling to Pakistan and wants to have a sugarcane juice just tell the shopkeeper not to add anything at all and give juice only, we have been accustomed to it having it with Black Salt, ginger and lemon added to it so when you mix all that up you get that taste… which is to put liking but it takes few times to get used to it since a new person would be expecting it to be sweet which it partially is…

  9. Kristen ♡ Siya bundle of thanks all guys comes to Pakistan and share video recently I like it. Pakistan is not terrorists Country Pakistan is safe country. all Pakistani welcomes to all tourists anywhere in Pakistan Please comes to Pakistan and enjoy. I loved all tourists. I m very very Happy to see this video. I m Pakistani.unfortunately I m not seeing this view you are lucky to see this points. All guies God Bless you.

  10. You guys are really good at what you do…. oh  the girls you guys are accompany with………. are astoundingly gorgeous forcing me to watch your videos

  11. That owner for us you came here Bro we came back from desasters or war
    so we will take some time for more exilence about your vlogs in our country enjoy our safe pakistan

  12. Please give us an honest review because I live in North-America I tried almost every dish but it has no taste like Pakistan food or fruits.

  13. I visited pakistan like twice, nice humble people and cheap as hell and the mountains are purely amazing scenery, love the food

  14. Pakistani people are bravest and extremely kind. They are the largest charity donaters in the world. Given how much precious government's have failed to provide people the basic necessities and relief, even then they will greet you with smile and host you unconditionally!! Food in Pakistan is extremely delicious. Love you Pakistan!

  15. Pakistan is a beautiful country people are humble honest but some country's dont want visitors going to Pakistan…i say to the world by my 👉heart👈

  16. ‏شادی کی ساری رسمیں ختم کریں
    مسجد میں نکاح اور ایک سادہ ولیمہ
    یقین مانیں سارے معاشی مسئلے
    اور نفسیاتی مسائل ختم ہوجائیں گے🤔

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