Swat Ke Palo Se Naked Baghat.



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Koi Zarorre Swal Ho To Instagram Par Ap Puch Sakte He
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  1. Asalamuleykum
    Mean LAHORE sey Hoon Hamara Pakistan Bhuat KHUBSURAAT hai AAP Neelam valley be jaian Wo be Bhuat KHUBSURAAT jgaa hai Main Aaj taak Northn Area nai gaiy Ab Inshallah Program banaian gey Allah AAP ko Khush rekhy Aapniy Hifaazat mey rekhy Ameen
    Allah Hafiz

  2. The napak panjubi haramy state have open border with India for buissness but they have shut the duran line for buissness between one poshton Afghan nation. If they let the poshton on both sides of the duran line no one will be job less and hungry but the napak panjubi haramy state want to destroy poshton economicly.