Swat Expressway Travelling Expertise 2019

Yesterday we travelled on Swat expressway. This video is on the request of all who requested for it.

Music: Sakoot by Khumariyaan f.t. Saad Khalid

Sakoot by Khumariyaan f.t. Saad Khalid by Khumariyaan (Official)



Khumaariyan is the famous Pakistan band that plays “Rubab” instument. That’s right jut beat no vocals. Khumariyaan is a four men band who sleep, eat and live music. Covering international music cover such as “The Games of Thrones” to reviving old Pashtun music, Khumariyaan make you dance wild on their music.

Khumariyaan (Official)

Khumariyaan – Art for religious fundamentalism is, like water for fire, mere existence, is a form of resistance. Khumariyaan was born in the age of Talibanisation, sectarian violence, military operations and neo-imperialist expansions, in the region which is a gateway to Central Asia, in the city of Peshawar.
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