Please do not come to #Swat.

Please do not come to #Swat.

Written by Swat Valley

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  1. Its not only tourists locals are doing the same they r also throwing garbage…shopkeepers restaurants no one has proper system…must have some proper system for waste management n provincial govt should provide this..

  2. I visited two years back and that was super clean. I told my wife in coming years when people will have trend of this side of northern area. They will ruined the beautiful place. And look it happened. We as a nation, mentally ill. We curse NS AZ and IK and others for all these things but actually we are responsible they have nothing to do with it.

  3. Jaga jaga lekh daina chaheay k Khachra philana sakt mamno hy… Agr koi molawis paya gaya tho tadeebi karwai aur bezzati ki jaeygi
    Tab جا kar ye insan k bachy baniengy

  4. سر ہر جگہ پر سائن بورڈ لگائیں شمالی علاقہ جات میں کے صفائی نصف ایمان ہے اور ساتھ ہی کچرا کا ڈبہ

  5. Wesi me kisi gender ko target nai krta lakim mene ovserve kia hai ke zayda trr girls ye kam krti hain elite class ki..
    Baki boys bhi krte hain lakin as such nai