Jrando-dag,Masum shaheed Stupa (Najigram, Barikot), Swat

Jrando-dag,Masum shaheed Stupa (Najigram, Barikot), Swat
Jrando-gumbat or Jrando-dag stupa web site is located about half a mile above the Najigram village
in a graveyard alongside the Najigram River. Stein visited this web site in 1926 and noticed
stays of a small stupa, disturbed by the spade of antiquities hunters. In distinction to Stein’s
revealing of a small stupa in crumbling situation, Giuseppe Tucci has recorded an imposing stupa with an enormous basement at this well-known web site in ‘Preliminary report on an
archaeological survey in Swat”. G. Tucci’s commentary has been endorsed by L. M. Olivieri
2006 as “Inside the trendy cemetery it’s potential to determine the big partitions of a
monastery advanced which might be completely effectively conserved and a big stūpa. It could be recognized

The current researcher visited the positioning and located the Buddhist spiritual institution in
dilapidated situations. The researcher discovered the stupas particularly some votive stupas at
Jrando-dag (Massum Shaheed) below critical menace as a result of the positioning has been encircled by
Muslim graves which is clear from the identify of the positioning i.e. Masum Shaheed (that means
harmless martyr) graveyard.

The location obtained its identify from the Pashto time period ‘jrandah’ that means water-mill, so it signifies that the stupa of
water-mill or “dag” an open house of the water-mill. Really, the water-mills close to the positioning are nonetheless there.
“Mashum” once more a Pashto time period that means a baby/child and “shaheed” although Arabic however localized that means
martyr, so the composit phrase Mashum shaheed meanins baby/harmless martyr. Because the Muslim graveyard has
been established/made on the archaeological web site of stupa and there’s a shrine of a kid so it obtained its identify
shaheed shaheed.

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