A meeting held in the office of the AC Bahrain, chaired by AC Bahrain Mr.Abid Momand. The AAC Bahrai

A meeting held in the office of the AC Bahrain, chaired by AC Bahrain Mr.Abid Momand. The AAC Bahrain, Tehsildar Bahrain, TMO Bahrain, President Hotel association, President Bazar association, President Transport Union, President Butcher association and Local elders attended the meeting.
1. To Sensitise the issue of hotel cleanliness and disposal of waste material.
2. To ensure that no washroom is established in the premises of hotel/resturant kitchen.
3. Action against plastic bags will be initiated.One week time is given to shopkeepers.They will ensure the availaibility of biodegradable bags.
4. Collective efforts will be taken by TMO and president transport to identify new spot for construction of bus terminal at sub division Bahrain to avoid traffic congestion.
5. TMO Bahrain will also identify location for establishment of slaughter house.
6. Chefs in resturants and butchers will wear caps and gloves in order to avoid contamination in edible item.
7. TMA staff will ensure that garbage and solid waste is diposed off on daily basis from bazars.

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  1. Good steps , please make proper SOPs for the cleanliness.. the personal hygiene of cooks, bearer , and that of environment of each and every restaurant may be ensured.. this will help not only in services sector but also is a sort of education of society also.. keep it up please in letter and spirit ..this should not be limited to photo session only .. we appreciate for this magnificent initiative

  2. Salam dear Respected sir .sir wazir-e-Azam housing programme ki tehet pehlay marhalay may district swat ka intikhaab howa tha .to sir aap ny ayk post diya tha os waqat k jo other district walay looog hy wo zahmat na karay entry k leye
    Q k 22 Dec 2018 k baaad hamara programme hy ka ham aap k district may bhi entry office kolengy ya online easy paisa Account pay bhi entry karwasaktay hain . Sir sirf aap ko reminder karwana tha ta k hum bhi entry karwasakay hum muntazir hy iskay .Shah Nawaz from Malakand