Carved Statue Jahan Abad Swat

Rock Carved Statue Jahan Abad Swat

This eye-catching statue is the second large statue in the world. This enormous statue is very pleasant in looking have drawn very beautifully.
This stunning statue is located in Shakhorai village Jahan Abad Manglawar. Actually, there are two ways to arrive at this site one is from inside from Manglawar village while the other way is from Malam Jabba road, taking right turn on Malam Jabba road will reach you straight to this site.
This tremendous statue reveals single human excellent figure of Dhiyani Buddha in a setting position on a high throne in a proud and in a very pensive mood like other statues in Swat.
This colossal Statue is drawn on the reddish rock which is really pleasant to see this beautiful statue on a soft reddish color rock which is a symbol of great rock carving skill of that time artists. Both of his hands in his lap covered by the stunning folds of the drapery. His eyes are more closed then half.
According to some Scholars and Archeologists this antique Rock carving Statue belongs to the 7th to 8th century which is really good. In 7th to 8th century many other statues were also drawn by the skillful artists but this statue remained the most beautiful and second largest in the whole world.
This mind-blowing rock carved statue is in a good state of preservation so far as compared to the other statues as almost all of them are really damaged either in ignorance or deliberately in order to get treasures and money.
This beautiful rock carved statue was damaged by Taliban in 2008-9 as it was attacked by them and destroyed the upper portion of the statue especially the face region was completely destroyed by Taliban.
After this enormous rock carved was destroyed by Taliban then the great Italian Archeologists came and rescued this beautiful statue and restored it in a very nice and a delicate way as it is one of the most important master piece of Buddha.
This work had been done in six trips, each trip lasted for one month and the great Italian Archeologists rebuild his face region in a very attractive way and gave back this tremendous rock carved to us in a very fine and attractive condition. A very hates off to them especially to Dr Luca Maria Olivieri, head of the Italian Archaeological Mission, from all swatians and from all those people who takes really interests in such kind of master pieces to give us such gesture.
On account of such great work done in Swat Valley, Dr Luca Maria Olivieri was awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the ”Star of Excellence” (Pakistan’s third highest civilian honor) by Pakistan’s president Mamnoon Hussain.

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