C͓̽H͓̽A͓̽N͓̽G͓̽I͓̽N͓̽G͓̽ K͓̽H͓̽Y͓̽B͓̽E͓̽R͓̽ P͓̽A͓̽K͓̽H͓̽T͓̽U͓̽N͓̽K͓̽H͓̽W͓̽A͓̽

C͓̽H͓̽A͓̽N͓̽G͓̽I͓̽N͓̽G͓̽ K͓̽H͓̽Y͓̽B͓̽E͓̽R͓̽ P͓̽A͓̽K͓̽H͓̽T͓̽U͓̽N͓̽K͓̽H͓̽W͓̽A͓̽
The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through PMRU has launched a comprehensive reforms strategy to streamline the governance process and improve service delivery across the entire public sector. “The Sustainability and Enforcement of Governance Initiatives Policy” is one of the significant initiatives of the Provincial Government which is to be ensured in letter and spirit.
For this purpose today in Saidu Sharif Swat a training session was arranged by the PMRU o/o the Chief Secretary for the Stakeholders/ attached formations of District Swat, Buner and Shangla, which was conducted/ delivered by Mr. Kashif Jillani, Dy. Coord. (PMRU)

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