Photo – Abdul Salamماشاءاللہ!! عبدالباسط – میگو کنڈاو (پاس) کو کم عمری میں سر …

Photo – Abdul Salam

ماشاءاللہ!! عبدالباسط – میگو کنڈاو (پاس) کو کم عمری میں سر کرنے والا بچا۔
MASHAALLAH! Abdul Basit – The little champion of Meago Kandao (pass), Mankial / Kandia Valley.
Swat / Kandia Valleys, P A K I S T A N

Written by Trekking Swat Valley

This page is to promote tourism in Swat valley. We will post images of beautiful explored and unexplored places of the Swat valley, KPK, P A K I S T A N

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  1. When I was 14 years with my Father and his friends I visit Kandool lake 😊

    This boy is really champion mashallah

  2. Its All about craze and determination.🤗 This kid will be a famous hiker in the future if he is doing so😍,

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