نوجوان صحافی فاروق خان کا عمران خان کے لئے پیغام

نوجوان صحافی فاروق خان کا عمران خان کے لئے پیغام

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  1. اب اس جیسے 2 ٹکے کے لوگوں سے مشورہ کر کہ ٹکٹ دے۔۔ چائنا کے تجزیہ نگار

  2. Lodhran election.
    Ali tareen oxford qualified lost to a jahil peer .

    Totally disagree !!!
    Dont compare PTI with ppp or pmln FFS!!

    Ajeeb qoum ha aik dm se extreme pe pohnch jati!

    System tab hi badla ja skta jab election jeetay PTI!!!!

  3. What a stupid thought that these so called electables will stay with Khan or PTI. Or they will let Khan do anything. 😀😀😀 Shaksiat parast jahil qaum.

  4. Naye naye shafi lgty ho wo bhi lefafa .🙂☺️ ppp aur pmln say Compare mt kro dimag use kro .jo dil cha ant shant bol dea khan nay jo faisla kia hay soch smjh kya kia hay .🙂☺️ Ap ki rayr ki zaroort nhi hay

  5. I don’t agree with this fellow, why ???
    Bz he is idealist and country where people cast their votes on the cost of biryani and one coke, most of them follow family names and influential candidates, it’s not Uk where community vote a bus driver’s son and made him mayor of world second most powerful capital, let education spread in our country, there r only few who follow ideology and cast their votes accordingly, no one give vote to honest and educated person and we had seen in past. Be realistic rather then idealistic.

  6. Who the hell r u…..???? Vote nhi dena na dy bki logon ka damag kharab ty na kr, nd dont try to copy Wajahat Saeed khan! ,#copycat spotted

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