Today on 29-March-2018 Regional Police Officer #Mr.Akhtar_Hayat_Khan_Gandapur along with #DPO_Swat

Today on 29-March-2018
Regional Police Officer #Mr.Akhtar_Hayat_Khan_Gandapur
along with #DPO_Swat_Capt:(R)_Wahid_Mehmood and Hounourable Grand Son of #Chaha_Kareem_Baksh #Essa_Khan at Inaguration Ceremony of #Masjid in Javed Iqbal Police Line Kabal Swat.

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  1. Great job Sir one question.
    Main nie bohot see police programmes dakie hain awer programme kie alawa bie police, wardi to tek hotie hain. Sap kie ak jasi par shoes (jotie) alag alag hotie hain. Keya police kie apni shoes Govt kie taraf sie hotie hain. Army kie Tarah ??

  2. Excellent “ Swat Police When I look back to Swat crisis I remember Swat Police Especially Mr. Amjad Ali sb who has been faced many hardships.Many others also faced the same environment. I solute Swat. And also request the High ups to help and facilitate the peoples, controlled the nurcotics and other crimes from the society. Capt( R) wahid Mehmood is an efficient police officer I hope he has taken good steps in this regards. Swat Police Zindabad