Swat Spring Festival kicks off in Malam Jaba.

Swat Spring Festival kicks off in Malam Jaba.
Spring Festival was formally inaugurated by the worthy Commissioner Malakand Division, Syed Zaheer ul Islam Shah.
Deputy Commissioner Swat, Mr. Shahid Mehmood, Assistant Commissioner Charbagh Mr. Zuhaib, G.M Malam Jabba Skiing Resort Mr. Yaqoob Hassan and other guests were present on the occasion.
The aim of the event was to promote tourism in the region and to show to the world that Swat is a peaceful valley.

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  1. Festival for whom? To tease the public by making them cross multiple check posts? Or to make fun of people by making them travel on the remains of ancient time road? My guests were tortured on checkposts while travelling to malam jabba, they were from karachi, after this they promised never to come here again, and they will tell their friends and family not to travel swat. First solve the main hurdle in the way of tourism industry of swat, then arrange festivals honorable Mr. Deputy commissioner