The thrilling Snow Cross Jeep Rally was held in Kalam in the scenic Swat valley …

The thrilling Snow Cross Jeep Rally was held in Kalam in the scenic Swat valley on Sunday.
The Tourism Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Army and Islamabad Jeep Club (IJC) had jointly organised the event to provide the people with an opportunity of entertainment and adventure tourism.
Also, the rally was managed by the Swat district administration with the aim to provide a platform to the young and budding enthusiasts in the country who want to have a terrain similar to those found in the European region.
A large number of spectators thronged the venue to watch the spectacular rally at the tourist resort in Kalam.
The jeep racers tested their skills and versatilities on the track established by organisers for the drivers.
Jeep racers from Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad and elsewhere from across the country participated in the snow cross rally.
The participants were divided in three categories as they had different engine power jeeps from 3500CC to 2600CC. Women racers also participated in the event.
Amir Saeed clinched first position, Raja Anwar stood second while Liaqat Ali grabbed third position in the race.
Lt-Col Ayaz Wali was the chief guest, who gave away awards and prizes to the position holders.

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