~Reposting for guidanceSince everyone is asking about trek information, i hop…

~Reposting for guidance

Since everyone is asking about trek information, i hope you find below details well informative.

Zomalu lakes are 6 in total one after another, one and two are adjacent will share its picture too i hope soon, from these lakes there is a good enough view of Falakser (the highest mountain in swat region).
Trek to these lakes starts from mithaltan kalam towards falakser as potter and guide is mandatory they will guide along, Time could vary upon one pace and on trek decision as we reached there in total of 17 hours, on day one we trekked 12 hours to almost the base of falakser followed by 5 hours hike on next morning to these lakes.
Trek experience: trek is not so even as there are icy water streams crossing and hike is also a rough one at times so proper gear is highly recommended.

You can visit these lakes till mid October.

Thank you !

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