Action on a citizen’s complaint:-

Action on a citizen’s complaint:-
District Administration Swat values citizens of Swat and makes utmost effort to resolve every complaint. No complaint of citizens is ignored or underestimated. It is worth noting that cleanliness is the prime responsibility of TMA, WSSC and AD(LG).District Administration is trying its level best to equip and mobilize these agencies so that they can better perform for the benefit of general public. We cannot achieve the target of clean and beautiful Swat without active participation of public. It is requested to all citizen of Swat to deposit garbage and other waste at designated area.

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  1. #Good_Governance via Citizen’sPortal!
    Two days back I lodged a complaint on Citizen’sPortal regarding the vacation of garbage container near my home. The next day #Amir_Ali_Shah
    Additional Assistant Commissioner, visited the site on weekend and started working on the issue with due followup. He was a very nice and assured timely response every time. He always said that he is the #servant of public. My request to all friends, that Please report all such issues via Citizen’sPortal.

  2. Such a Brilliant Step towards the Clean Environment.
    The Government must have to Fine those who are throwing these kind of garbage or take some action against them.
    #HalalSalary 💟



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