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Swat Valley added a new photo.

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  1. This is so sad n alarming.
    If u like n love something then its human nature you wants to take care of it..if these visitors really like these places y they are doing so with it???y they are fading its beauty????
    Its really pinching me..though i havent visited most of the places but without seeing they are so close to my heart n i really love them…
    Wish people understand its its in our hand to keep a place clean by not throwing trash..

  2. We need to promote eco tourism and put limits on mass tourism, most important thing is that we need to promote local food and avoid these industrial products which create pollution in the form of garbage.

  3. آپ یہ کہ سکتے ھیں کہ بہت کچرہ پھیلادیا مگر 40 کلو فی سیاح بہت زیادہ ھے…
    آپ شاید لوکل آبادی کا کچرہ بھی سیاحوں کے کھاتے میں ڈال رھیں ھیں……..