خیبر پختونخواہ آنے والے سیاحوں کے نام پیغام! صحت افزاء مقامات کو آکر ایسا حشر بل…

خیبر پختونخواہ آنے والے سیاحوں کے نام پیغام!
صحت افزاء مقامات کو آکر ایسا حشر بلکل نہ کیجئے علاقہ سے اسکا حسن نہ چھینئے۔ اور صاف رکھنے کی کوشش کیجئے۔
علاقے کے مکینوں کو پریشان نہ کیجئے اور سیاحت کے مقصد کو اس کے اصلی روح کے مطابق یعنی ماحولیات، معاشرہ اور کلچر کو نقصان پہنچایے بغیر حاصل کیجئے۔ اسی میں آپ کا اور مکینوں کا فائدہ پوشیدہ ہے۔

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  1. it is the main reason of environmental pollution we alaways blame to govt but here public is also responsible at least as a human we should clean our area

  2. Just coming back from Swat. This is not done by visitors but locals. They ruined this heaven on earth and Govt is just doing nothing. Roads condition is disgusting, population is too large to live in these areas.

  3. It’s really sad to see such dirty condition of the beautiful places by the human beings… The govt must implement a hefty fine for the violators for spreading environmental pollution.

  4. This is not good. The people must take of nature. Our country is very beautiful but there’s lack of awareness in people, that’s no plans from the authorities, no ban on plastic on public places. I am in France and went so many times on sea side, there is no plastic bottles, no others garbages. The people take care their public places, also some people working for awareness about pollution. please don’t use too much plastic bags and don’t leave garbages in picnic

  5. id be pleased if you can tell me where i can get this beautiful book on pakistan its a really love book and id be grate ful if you tellme the publisher where i can order and buy it please

  6. There r should be separate comission for such kind of places looking planning and development which doesnt diaturbed nature

  7. This is a training which we don’t give to our kids moreover we put garbage of our home to the next door neighbor

  8. Byghairy log per kehty hay ye hakomt ka kam hay ary ab nawaz sharif ya imran khan khud ap say kachra uta kar to nahi lay ja sakty na khud b to kuch karna ho ga

  9. is lyi tu may kayhata hu in loogo ko swat ki kubsoorat jago ka na batao yi ganday loog hay gandagi in ki adat hay. yi apnay gar ko bi asa hi raktay hay

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