The Wait is Finally Over Luxury Cabins with Economy TCKP Camping Pods (Starting…

The Wait is Finally Over
Luxury Cabins with Economy TCKP Camping Pods (Starting from the First Day of EID)
Booking on first come first served basis
For Booking
Tel: +92-91-9210583
Cell: 0348-9122250
Camping Pods Sites
Thandiyani (Abbottabad)
Sharan (Kaghan Valley)
Bishigram (Swat Valley)

Ever wondered why your hotel rooms doesn’t offer the view you long for? Is your privacy still being encroached upon by messy waiters and noises from the room next door while being on holidays?
We have all it takes to give you the kind of feeling you have always yearned for.
TCKP brings you the camping pods!
A pod is a unique insulated wooden hut that provides simple, comfy, spacious and secure accommodation which enables you to enjoy and appreciate the sights and sound of nature.
Pods are an ideal setup for groups of friends and families out to have a vacation deep in the woods. The pods bring you into closer proximity with the chirping birds, lofty peaks, winding streams and silence that you crave for. The camping pods boast off all the basic amenities such as water, electricity, restrooms, kitchen and family area.

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