Mahoodand #Swat

Mahoodand #Swat

Written by Swat Valley

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  1. First I appreciate your work, you’re doing a great job promoting the beauty of Swat Valley. But, As a lover of nature i would request you not to edit the pictures let there be no effects let the nature be natural.

  2. Its a good job by you admn plz run a compaign for this lake’s security as u know ppl across country are visiting it and in appriciation throwing trash all around even in waters of lake…… Plz save your swat by running a compaign and literating tge visitors …😇😇😇🙏🙏

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بدلون په دے عمارتونو کښ په هغه وخت کښ هم شوے دے خو د هغے طريقه، انداز، ارادے او

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