Beautiful Mahoodand #Swat

Beautiful Mahoodand #Swat

Written by Swat Valley

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  1. We can compare it to european standards. I noticed a lot of pakistanis are just throwing rubbish on the ground, even here in Europe where we have bins literally everywhere. Here is example of european beauty, people also eat/drink here, but they are taking rubbish with them, not throwing them everywhere. I visited Pakistan several times, few cities and the problem is everywhere dirt and rubbish in rivers! Completely not accetable by us, non desis. I would give an advice to Pakistanis to take more care about your own land. Make it clean! Dont throw rubbish everywhere. Your country is beautiful place with a lot of tourists potential. But you have reputation of dirty people because of pictures like that, plastic bags/cans/bottles everywhere 🙁

  2. Well frankli speaking i had visited there just few days back and its all due to the use of that shopkeepers who were there for seeking business with regards to eatable items. There children and workers are the big cause of this mess. Upon.asking abt the garbage bins they took by hands and throw it on the back of there temporary shops. 2ndly the pplz visiting there should show respect of such a loveli point. Keep it clean for urself should b slogan

  3. This is the land of pathaans !!! Its green throughout the year its just an imagionary view coz of its natural beauty ….. the punjabis who make fun of pataaans have got no sense to keep this visitors sites clean…… shame on u!!!!! Pataans living place and your dirts !!!!! And your punjab could be more precious if you people were not living there