After the uplift and beautification of #Galiyat, Tourism Corporation under the …

After the uplift and beautification of #Galiyat, Tourism Corporation under the Project TDU has started the uplift and beautification of #Kalam. All the roads within Kalam are being constructed which comes under the KP Government. KP Government is making efforts to persuade Federal Government to quickly start and complete the Bahrain-Kalam road which is creating problems for the tourists !

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  1. Stop wasting money on such beautification this is no beautification all paisa mar thing the tiles decoration on those buildings have not even sustained its full maturity and have started falling who is to be asked for why wasting money and whos the arihitect behind it? Stop making fools of public then by posting photo shopped photos on FB pages.Tourism ka agar itna shauq hai tu pehlay apnay gahandara art ka tahfaz kar lay sab kuch taba aur gir chuka hai ancient city say not single remain …baat karata hain upliftment ki. Festivals aur naach ganay par paisa lagaya howa hai, kyun kay app logoan kay pass koi vision hi nahin hai, dae khpal pekhawar pasay ba jarai tolll da consultants chi da kpk govt wala di har say ba gharak ki.

  2. Sincere efforts are being made to facilitate tourists all over Pakhtunkhwa…. After Nathiagali, Kalam, Kaghan-Naran, and Chitral are being uplifted. Day and night work is going on at Kalam and Kaghan Valley. Everyone would appreciate the efforts by end of September, 2017…. Thumbs up and hats off…… for the TCKP’s EW…