Azhar Uddin Sb's! Talent is not the heirship of someone, It is God gifted …

Azhar Uddin Sb's!
Talent is not the heirship of someone, It is God gifted thing bestowed upon everyone in certain domain. The natural talent needs some exposure to polish and guidelined. This soil is conferred with immense natural talent. But as a nation, we never celebrated our heroes and talent. We always rub hands after the loss of talent or hero.
No real hero was encouraged on national level, and the social and electronic media always forcing their heels to portray fake characters for the role models. The narrative is not engraved in the indigenous taste. They prefer to protocol the vibes.
Raza Ullah; 12 years old from Malam Jaba belongs to a very poor family is the ski champion. He got gold medal in the international snowboarding and ski championship. In the competition, he played with some of the world stars of snowboarding and skiing. Raza Ullah amazed the international players and the spectators by his skills and talent. He is from a very humble background and even not in the position to get quality education and further exposure for his future career. He has bright chances to get medal in Winter Olympics.
The nation is bestowed with short memory becomes emotional on an accident, just shares copy paste material and always trying to prove himself superior in intellect, never ready to dialogue……I just wanna say support your heroes on their life before you show hypocrisy by changing your DP as social trend on their departure.

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