Congrats to our respected viewers. Your page is 1⃣0⃣K. ستاسو ټولو…

Congrats to our respected viewers. Your page is 1️⃣0️⃣K.
ستاسو ټولو دې مبارک شي۔
"A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step." (Lao Tzu)
From left to right:
1) Muhammad Ullah Guide
2) Aslam Khan Guide
3) Sir Shah Nawaz Kohistany
4) Nazir (Kalam), Zeghi Chat
5) Ahmad Mujtaba Ali (Falak Sair / Sar summit)
6) Iftikhar Alvi Alvi, Mastuj Banda
7) Usman Bukhari, Andrab Lake
😎 Muhammad Khalid, Ghizer
9) Shah Hussain Khan
10) Aman Khan Artist
11) Arshad Ali, Tirich Mir Base camp
12) Majid F Masaud, Chambar / Karr
13) Saddam Hussain, Jabba, Palogah
14) Rahimullah (Matiltan)
15) Aftab Ahmad Angel (Bahrain)
16) Faizan Ahmad
17) Sunny Chawla, Palanchai
18) Ihsan Khan, Falak Sair camp 1
19) Ejaz Ahmad Khan
20) Ibrar Khan, Falak Sair camp 1

Written by Trekking Swat Valley

This page is to promote tourism in Swat valley. We will post images of beautiful explored and unexplored places of the Swat valley, KPK, P A K I S T A N

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