⁣This is Kandol Lake

Swat Valley is known for its numerous alpine lakes and visiting at least one of them was a must.

⁣This is Kandol Lake, which is about a 2 hours drive from Kalam town followed by a 2 hour hike… well if you want to hike, that is.⁣

⁣Though Kandol USED to only be accessible via a pretty steep trek, a Jeep track has now been built all the way to the lake.⁣

Though it’s great that places like these are now accessible to those who physically can’t hike, it’s unfortunately making what was once a peaceful, remote place open to mass tourism as most people choose the use of four wheels.

⁣And what comes with mass tourism? Crowds and sadly, trash. Though we still decided to trek the path, the entire day felt significantly more disneyfied than I had hoped, but at least we were still greeted by views like this! ⁣

⁣If you’re looking to experience a real lake trek while in Swat, I recommend heading to Spindhor Lake. It’s right near Kandol and the route up has yet to be made vehicle friendly (for now that is). ⁣

⁣Have you ever been to a place that disappointed you a bit?

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Written by Atta Ullah

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