2nd Vlog – Shahibagh

2nd Vlog – Shahibagh , Swat Valley

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Written by Khwaja Saeed

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  1. Everything about this Vlog is awesome, I really love it from the core of my heart. Just wondering if the Background Music Selection [ except the last one] was either slow/sad/romantic or seductive one from start to end. Just a suggestion. Rest I love your work and everything about You 🙂 Peace to you

  2. it was a nice vlog, though if you would have talked more about the place or your experience there it would be great. waiting for the next vlog.

  3. The drone shots are Amazing !
    it feels like watching a hollywood movie
    The editing level is superb !
    keep it UP! we want more video like this
    wish you best of luck👍🙌

  4. wow . my favorite place, and your amazing video making skills made it more beautiful. stay blessed and keep wondering people in future too. Love You Khwaja

  5. Lovely , beautiful , awesome ♥️
    9.50 favourite scene and last drone short winter and summer was amazing.. so nice ♥️😍

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