. I have bleed from every angle and it’s been horrifically amazing journey. . …

I have bleed from every angle and it’s been horrifically amazing journey.
Today: in just 157 days, I have summited all 13 x8000m mountains and in order to achieve this, only I know what I have been through.
While achieving this, I have conducted 4 rescues. 3 rescues were sucidal mission, where we conducted the rescue above 8400m without O2.
Me and my team fixed the lines on many mountains facilitating others to achieve their dreams.
While doing so, I had to guide/lead commercial expedition on several mountains because of the funding issues.
Loads and loads of sleep deprivation with non stop climbing in extreme weather conditions…
And the list continues…
Today, I’m asking for genuine help only.
I had a meeting with deputy PM; Ex PM and tourism minister of Nepal to approach Chinese government in ref to #Shishapangma and the Government of Nepal has agreed to conduct a diplomatic talk with the Chinese Government. Till date; I’m still waiting for the reply. .
Humble request: rather than sending me a message, I would be very grateful if you could write to Chinese government/ CMA/TMA on my behalf. I have done everything I could have done from my side. I think if we all go as a collective force, it may help.
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