Vlog 1 – Skyland – Swat Valley

Probably the most Underrated Place in your entire Swat Valley
Fog and Panorama Play right here with full Swing,Cowl your entire Place in Sec and everytime got here from totally different course, folks take pleasure in Watching These Surroundings or Taking part in Cricket
Skyland Aka Saland Swat Valley

#swatvalley #vlog1 #drone

Written by Khwaja Saeed

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  1. watched your first video deserves bundles of complements and appreciations… the effective and frequent use of technology made it very attractive and pasted a professional look… the voice over needs improvement its tune was a bit low , should be high than the background music….the wordings should be scripted before shooting, … selection of background music is awesome …. thumbs up…. keep it up