Jabri Behak I Neelum Valley I Pakistan I Travelogue 6 I AJK

When i heard about this place from our driver that it isn’t actually good to go there, so i believed we should always go someplace else. Really, there was a false impression with the place close to driver. However our tour teacher Waleed pressured us to go to Jabrri Baig and we lastly made our thoughts to go there. And going there was a pleasing journey, a lil bit adventurous, and joyful. We loved quite a bit over there.
I used to be upset concerning the variety of vacationers over there. There was hardly any vacationers over there. Whoever needs to go to the Neelum Valley they need to ought to go to this place.

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  1. عقل سے فارغ دوسری طرف انڈیا نہیں انڈیا کے قبضے والا کشمیر ہے. اور وہ بھی پاکستان کا حصہ ہے.